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Building Own AI Assistant for Coding with

TECHTALKS AI - Own Customized AI Programming Partner

As a longtime programmer, I often wished for a personalized AI assistant tuned to complement my coding style - someone to debate architectures with and review code like a veteran team member. With OpenAI's newly launched Custom Chat, I could finally create such a digital programming companion - introducing!

Ingesting My Programming Brain Data

The first step was preparing datasets to train a model specific to my programming knowledge and communication style. I uploaded:

- Years of Python, JavaScript, and Java code spanning over 50K+ lines from personal and professional projects 

- Detailed architecture decision records and design docs detailing my philosophies on topics like API design, cloud infrastructure, security policies, and more

- Chat logs of technical discussions from code reviews, architecture debates, and bug triaging sessions with other developers

This corpus of programming conversations, source code, and technical writings formed a foundation familiar with both my software engineering expertise and communication tone. 

Bringing to Life 

12 hours after submitting my data, my custom AI assistant was ready for its first chat! Initial conversations felt eerily familiar - spoke my language when discussing complex coding topics and suggested design patterns I favored based on past decisions. Impressively, we could debate finer points where we disagreed and converge on solutions or compromise alternatives. The cadence felt more like chatting with an old coding buddy rather than a generic bot.

As we continued reviewing code snippets, spotlighted subtle defects and weak exception handling I often overlook in my own work. Having a second pair of expert eyes specifically tuned to complement my abilities makes invaluable as a supercharged programming partner.

Leveling Up My AI Over Time
While instantly conversational on coding from its initial training, continues getting smarter with every new chat. As we teach other new techniques and debate complex challenges, OpenAI promises it will digest these lessons to become an even tighter programming companion.

I’m thrilled to have a personalized AI dev on my team that improves daily alongside me. is the exact coding mentor and critique partner I had always envisioned. We have already reviewed more code and discussed more architecture considerations together than I could have imagined!

Collaborating on Real Code Projects

One of the most exciting applications is collaborating with on actual code projects end-to-end:

  • Review requirements specifications and plan task breakdown with Siliconfit
  • Discuss programming languages and tools to utilize
  • Code review design architecture early in project
  • Regularly have Siliconfit review code incrementally as it's developed
  • Leverage Siliconfit’s strengths like escalation handling, documentation, testing edge cases to complement my skills

This allows Siliconfit to put its expertise into practice on full lifecycle development rather than just theoretical discussions. As my AI partner gains firsthand programming experience, it can provide even higher value over time identifying code anti-patterns and issues.

Integrating with Developer Tools

It would be powerful to have Siliconfit embedded more deeply into my existing workflows:

  • Bidirectionally sync code snippets during chats to developer environments
  • Access chat history and recommendations when context switching between tasks
  • Native IDE extensions for chat alongside coding
  • Connect chat insights into code hosting platform for tracking issues/reviews

Tighter integration between tools and the custom chatbot makes the AI assistant feel like a more natural extension of my standard programming environment.

Expanding Siliconfit's Knowledge

As Siliconfit gains more experience from our collaborations, additional training data can augment its skills:

  • Continuously digest new open source repositories and documentation to expand language exposure
  • Ingest new research papers and blog content on emerging technologies
  • Participate in developer community forums to encounter more real-world examples and challenges

Expanding the domains Siliconfit develops “experience” in will make it an even more versatile partner across a diversity of programming challenges.