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Intro to Testing Essentials


Meaning Testing
Software Quality is the set of characteristics of software related to its ability to satisfy established and anticipated needs.

Meaning Quality Assurance (QA)
This is a set of activities covering all technological stages of development, release, and operation of software for information systems, undertaken at different stages of the software lifecycle, to ensure the required quality level of the released product.

Meaning Quality Control (QC)
This is a set of actions performed on the product during development to obtain information about its current state in terms of: "readiness of the product for release", "compliance with recorded requirements", "compliance with the declared quality level of the product".

Meaning Software Testing
This is one of the quality control techniques, including activities for planning work (Test Management), designing tests (Test Design), executing testing (Test Execution), and analyzing the results obtained (Test Analysis).

Meaning Verification
This is the process of evaluating software to check whether the current state of the software meets the conditions set at the beginning of the development stage. It is the process of evaluating a system or its components to determine whether the results of the current development stage meet the conditions formed at the beginning of this stage [IEEE]. That is, whether our goals, deadlines, and tasks for project development, defined at the beginning of the current phase, are being met.

Meaning Validation
This is determining whether the software being developed matches the expectations and needs of the user.

Meaning Software Quality Characteristics
Functionality - determined by the software's ability to solve tasks that meet the recorded and anticipated needs of the user under given software usage conditions. That is, this characteristic is responsible for ensuring that the software works correctly and precisely, is functionally compatible, complies with industry standards, and is protected from unauthorized access.

Usability – determined by the software's ability to solve tasks that meet the recorded and anticipated needs of the user under given software usage conditions.

Efficiency – the ability of software to provide the required level of performance in accordance with allocated resources, time, and other specified conditions.

Maintainability – the ease with which software can be analyzed, tested, changed to correct defects, implement new requirements, facilitate further servicing, and adapt to a changing environment.

Portability – characterizes software in terms of the ease of its transfer from one environment (software/hardware) to another.

Meaning Test Plan
A document describing the entire scope of testing work, starting from the description of the object, strategy, schedule, criteria for the start and end of testing, to the necessary equipment in the process, special knowledge, as well as risk assessment with options for their resolution.

Meaning Test Design
A stage in the software testing process where test cases are designed and created in accordance with previously defined quality criteria and testing goals.

Meaning Test Case
An artifact describing a set of steps, specific conditions, and parameters required to verify the implementation of the tested function or its part.

Meaning Bug/Defect Report
A document describing the situation or sequence of actions that led to the incorrect operation of the test object, indicating the reasons and the expected result.

Meaning Test Coverage
One of the metrics for evaluating the quality of testing, representing the density of test coverage of requirements or executable code.

Meaning Test Case Specification
The level of detail in the description of test steps and required results, at which a reasonable balance of time passage to test coverage is ensured.

Meaning Test Case Pass Time
The time from the start of executing test case steps to obtaining the test result.

Types of Software Testing

  • Functional
  • Non-functional
  • Related to changes