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Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid


Who doesn’t want to produce a video which is fully up to the mark and ends at the same time? To prepare an engaging video, all you need to do is to plan so that your audience gets attracted to what you are producing and the engagement rate gets increased.

Successful video production is possible only when you utilize the right technique and hence avoid the common video production mistakes. Creating creative videos increases your business’s value and at the same time helps your company move in the right direction.

Today we will be helping you with some pro tips to avoid certain mistakes during video production and at the same time help you build your brand with the help of correct video tactics.


1. Not properly planning the video scripts
No video can do well without having a proper script for the same. This means, planning the script for the video production is of utmost importance as it will help you pre-plan the shoot venue and the talents who are the right fit for the job.

Not planning the video scripts is a common mistake done by many producers and video directors which leads to the failure of their videos after production. This is because the unnatural tone used in the video looks imposed and at the same time words get fumbled which is highly not the right approach in video production.


2. Not being useful to your audience
Do not assume that your audience would equally love the video you are creating as loved by your dear ones. Your audience needs some kind of value out of the videos and that value would be achieved only when you plan for the videos properly in advance.

If you are planning to produce a video, you must also plan the content which will be highlighted in it. This will keep them engaged and they will share it among their network.


3. Missing up on “OUT OF THE BOX” thinking
Everyone has the potential to do something which isn’t unique and is copied but only a few have the potential to stand up and think of something unique and extraordinary. In short, it is out of box thinking.

Values to a video are only with the help of strong thinking behind it, creative thinking. This creative thinking is responsible for taking the video to the next level. Make sure that the content in the video is not boring but is of value to the viewers which will keep them paused on the video.


4. Usage of bad lights
Lights are also the main factor that can make or break the engagement in any video. Using proper lighting is important as it indicates every shot being taken. To set up a lighting procedure, you will need the help of a professional expert and hence your video will look highly professional thereafter.
5. Shaky and non-stabilized footage
Who would like to watch a video which is not stabilized or is shaky? No one would. There’s not a shortage of content in the video industry. Hence, to reach the height you need to showcase some efforts after which your efforts will be considered and counted.

These were some common video production mistakes that are made by many video producers. To avoid this kind of mistake, make sure you are seeking professional help in the initial stage.

Along with that, do not forget to make use of a call to action at the end of the video. Why? Because a call to action is the message which you want your audience to know and hence the necessary action will be taken by them thereafter.

You must be wondering what a creative brief is. Well, the creative brief is nothing but a pre-planning of the video script which will be used at the time of video production. Planning the content of the video is the thing which you must not forget. This is because a well-planned video can stand out in the crowd due to its highly worked upon and finished characteristics.

A team of professionals sit together and then work upon a creative brief that would be proved beneficial at the time of video production.

Now, some people don’t know how to write a creative brief. If you are among them, worry not! Today, in this blog, you will find a guide that will help you with the ways of writing a good creative brief. 

What all elements are included in a creative brief of a video?
Writing a perfect creative brief is possible only when you know the right template in which it must be written. We have worked upon a template of a content brief which we think would be good for you.